Memory of a Neighbourhood: Kale

Yellow Submarine Independent Art Initiative

Visual Arts



01/06 – 30/11/2020

The project ‘Memory of a Neighbourhood: Kale’ focuses on the Kale neighborhood located below the Pergamon Acropolis in Izmir’s Bergama district, where Greeks, Armenians, and Muslims have been living together for hundreds of years, joined more recently by a new generation of migrants of metropolitan origin.

The project includes workshops, seminars, and expert presentations focusing on the role of the neighborhood in urban memory, incorporating concepts of psychogeography, urban space, personal memory, everyday culture, and oral history. Ten photographers and visual artists, determined through an open call, attend Gunseli Baki’s ‘The Discovery of a Neighbourhood: A Psychogeography Workshop’ and Yucel Tunca’s ‘The Recordings of a Neighbourhood: Documentary Photography Workshop’, which are complemented with the seminars of oral history expert Eda Yigit’s ‘The place of the Narrative in Culture and Arts Practices’ and professor Melek Goregenli’s ‘City, Time, Memory, Space’. In addition to these, archaeologist Bülent Türkmen’s ‘An essay on life in Kale Neighborhood in the Hellenistic Period’ and researcher and writer Sefa Taşkın’s ‘A Street in Kale: Abacihan’ presentations take place online and are open to all. All project results are presented on the website of the ‘Yellow Submarine Initiative’.