Hakan Boyacı

Kürşat Özkemahlı

Kürşat Özkemahlı

Flow Tales: Remembering Antakya’s River Landscape

Dr. Ebru Bingöl

Ecological Art

Gaziantep, Hatay

01/06 – 30/11/2020

The project ‘Flow Tales’ is gathering untold stories of water by imlementing an artist call, e-exhibition and e-publication. ‘Flow Tales’ criticality explores the relationship between landscape and community on a local and global scale and transfers this into a source of inspiration for artistic production.

In cooperation with the Italian collective ‘Paesaggi Migranti’ and other multi-disciplinary professionals, the project gathers stories that are wrapped around the forgotten memory and landscape value of Asi River in Antakya. As a result of the artist call, the project gathers 122 flow tales from 34 countries and produces multi media snapshots of selected tales of river scapes around the world for exhibition.