Installation, Photography, Video




İzzet Umman’s  “Survivors” project aims to focus on children’s experiences amidst wars, conflicts, and natural disasters to explore tales of resilience.

Through the lens of puppets and children’s toys rescued from homes destroyed in the February 6th earthquake, “Survivors” aims to weave a powerful narrative bridging the experiences of children living through the earthquake with the collective consciousness of broader audiences. At the core of the project, innovative visual and auditory installations, centred around these objects symbolizing loss and resilience, serve as the nucleus around which the installation’s narrative and emotional arc are constructed.

Artists Alkasim Alabrash and Izzet Umman contribute to shaping an immersive space where visitors can navigate according to their emotional and psychological preparedness, leveraging their expertise in creating visual and auditory content.

“Survivors” seeks to be more than just an exhibition; it aims to catalyze dialogue, education, and advocacy by highlighting the transformative power of art in understanding and healing the psychological wounds of disasters and conflicts.