From Lullabies to Symphonies: Journey of Melodies

Ma Music Center




01/06 – 30/11/2020

In this project, ‘Ma Music Center’ is introducing audiences to their inventive piano and violin teaching lessons, which employ the first and only teaching materials designed in the Kurdish native language and using traditional Kurdish melodies. The works of classical Western composers Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven meet with traditional tunes in the dialects of Kurdish music, enriching the lessons used to teach violin and piano compositions. These methods, with the philosophies of Suzuki and Kodaly, give life to the Kurdish proverb, ‘Her Gîya Li Ser Koka Xwe Şîn Tê’ (Every grass grows on its root).

Kurdish violin virtuoso Brusk Zanganeh living in Sweden, Bolivian pianist Sergio Escalera living in Portugal, and the ‘Ma Music Centre’ team are preparing these methods for teleconference meetings. The digital versions of the teaching materials as well as the training videos are published on the website of ‘Ma Music Centre’ for free use by music enthusiasts. While cultural belonging is maintained with traditional melodies, the door to world music is opened by pieces of universal classical music.