Open Studio

Dance, Performance, Storytelling



16/07 – 25/07/2018

What value do we give to what’s left over? How does the body bring out truth in words, and how can it define what is hidden behind them? To help answer these questions, Tijen Lawton, the professional dancer, performer and educator, enters into a process of creativity and discovery alongside Serenay Oğuz and Pınar Özer in her enigmatic dance performance, “Ineffable.” Lawton, who has taught dance in Brussels, Paris, Budapest, Antwerp, Gent, Rome, and Istanbul, brings an intriguing angle to the concepts of presence and memory in her work, acknowledging the fact that “expressing the words we have for existence and memory are not enough to encompass their meaning,” by examining “the body, what we’ve left behind, and what has escaped our sight.” Lawton is known for such efforts to hone in on the ineffable, using her body as a kind of archive in the process. Excitingly, the rehearsal performances, each an exploration of physical research themselves, are also open to the public for viewing. A performance that takes inspiration from “the emergence of the hidden in the body” and “the contradiction between what is said and what is meant,” Açık Stüdyo (Open Studio) proudly hosts the introspective show on July 25.