Intergenerational ‘90s


Contemporary Art

Screening, Talk, Training


01/06 – 30/11/2020

With the project ‘Intergenerational ‘90s’, ‘KARANTINA’ revisits the recent past by means of independent modes of production in the context of contemporary art, sociology, and popular culture. ‘Intergenerational ’90s’ generates a platform for the exchange of experiences, new creative expressions, and critical thinking across generations and regions via a series of podcasts, screenings, and workshops.

‘KARANTINA Radio’ streams podcasts with guest speakers on the events and concepts that emerged in the ‘90s and are still relevant today. ‘KARANTINA Videotek’ carries intergenerational exchange of experience onto an international platform via periodic online video screenings. The video essays prepared by guest artists and institutions from diverse locations reflect on the ‘90s and their impact on their local scenery. ‘KARANTINA Workshop’ consists of two types of workshops that study research methodologies and new forms of expression. ‘The Critical Interpretations and Readings in Contemporary Art’ addresses the relationship between visual language and written language of the period as ‘Memory Mapping’ studies explores the social memory of the culture and art in the ’90s. ‘KARANTINA Mixtape’ focuses on the mixtape culture both through original cover design examples from the ‘90s and its influences on the present. Mixed playlists accompany the ‘Mixtape’ social media pages, which include handmade mixtape cover designs from the ‘90s as well as new works inspired by them.