International 2 Sides Short Film Festival

Digital Film Atelier (DFA)


Online, Talk, Training


09/10 – 17/10/2020

‘‘International 2 Sides Short Film Festival’’ connects short filmmakers and audiences across the globe by transforming everyday places into festival spaces to enhance the collective film viewing culture in Izmir. The boutique festival which features contemporary independent short films, queer productions, new generation experimental works, thematic cinema talks, and foyer events, consists of four main sections: ‘‘Screen’’, ‘‘Armchair’’, ‘‘Remix’’, and ‘‘Plus’’. The festival runs under the motto of ‘‘Our Difference, Our Diversity, Our Sensitivity”, and this year’s selection is framed by the theme “In My Pocket”, which reflects the diversity of cultures and cumulation of personal journeys.

This year’s special guest of the festival, which aims to establish a cooperation with a different independent film initiative every year, is Berlin-based ‘bi’bak’ and its film program ‘bi’bakino’. ‘bi’bakino’ has initiated a temporary cinema experiment at Berlin Alexanderplatz in September 2020, and shared this experience with the ‘‘International 2 Sides Short Film Festival’’ audience. Their main aim is to focus on transnational narratives through migration and mobility discourses and to diversify the expressions of these issues in the film.