Diyarbakır Film Development Platform

Lütfü İrdem


Talk, Training


07/09 – 09/09/2024

Lütfü İrdem’s project titled “Diyarbakır Film Development Platform”, to be organized by Deniz İnceoğlu (France) between 7-9 September, aims to support new filmmakers in Diyarbakır, Mardin, Batman and Şanlıurfa.

The project, which will be realised within the scope of Spaces of Culture’s International Co-production Fund, aims to contribute to the work of filmmakers in the region, make their productions visible and increase their access to alternative production support and co-production opportunities.

While the platform enables filmmakers with short film projects to submit their projects to the relevant parties by turning them into an international presentation file, three selected projects will receive incentive support. All sessions of the program, which consists of interviews, mini workshops and presentations, will be recorded and shared with cinema lovers.