Visual Arts

Talk, Training


15/04 – 30/11/2019

Contemporary Art
15.04.2019 / 30.11.2019

As part of the hospitality program, which began in the summer of 2019, Loading welcomes people from various disciplines and offers space to sustain their work.

As part of Loading’s guest research program, Eray Çaylı continues his research on disasters and ecology, including contemporary art practices with spatial features in Diyarbakır. In order to create a video and sound collage as well as deliver a presentation during Loading, Tavga Guttstadt collects materials in terms of influence, sensations, and impressions that the city Diyarbakır has created.

Under the direction of Aslı Çavuşoğlu, In the Criticism Club creates a space for participants who want to share their art projects and ideas. The workshop aims to give feedback on the work, create a framework that invites people to share ideas and art practices with colleagues. In his speech in Loading, the Berlin-based art critic Ingo Arend examines political art history from a Western perspective. Arend focuses on the idea of art as a special instrument for the promotion of social criticism, for justice, and a better world. Ahmet Öğüt, who is one of the other artists in Loading, presents his works based on a selection of his practice that ranges from his earlier to the present carrier as well as from quick interventions to long-term projects.

The contemporary art critic Murat Alat, who deals with the critique of reality in contemporary art, the problematization of processes of subjectivation and body representations, conveys a seminar during his time at Loading, consisting of five sessions entitled “Anatomy of Contemporary Art” on how contemporary art is interpreted.