Lullabies Before Sleep

Reem Takriti 

Documentary, Film



01/05 – 30/11/2021

The focus of the project ‘Lullabies Before Sleep’ is the creation of a documentary film to document 8 Turkish and Syrian children’s songs that mothers have been singing for generations, passing it over from one to the next along with their myths, tales, and stories.

In this film, four Syrian women and four Turkish women of different generations are recorded. In addition to singing the lullabies, they explain the meaning, effects, and stories related to the songs. The film attempts to document the songs and to preserve them as an unregistered audible heritage. ‘Lullabies Before Sleep’ is also trying to create visibility for the importance of this heritage in transmitting emotions, feelings, and history. The project resulted in a screening of the documentary film in a cultural center in Gaziantep with the presence of the women protagonists. A discussion with the participation of both Syrian and Turkish communities followed the screening.