Music for Everyone





21/09 – 28/09/2018

Middle Eastern and Kurdish melodies rise from the heart of Diyarbakır as part of the artistic initiative ‘Music for Eyeryone’ a colorful set of workshops run in cooperation with MaMusic, which has tapped 60 music educators to bring the whole endeavor to life. In the ‘Oud and Mode,’ ‘Vocalism Methods and Polyphonic Choir,’ and ‘Guitar’ workshops, participants examine the structure of musical modes in Middle Eastern and Kurdish traditions. The transitions between the notes, along with the common characteristics of the modes in Middle Eastern folk songs, are sure to carry the event though to an impressive conclusion. Participants have the chance to take the knowledge they obtain throughout these workshops and pour them into a cumulative, polyphonic choir performance. Furthermore, 90 students who receive guitar lesson at MaMusic have the opportunity to experience new playing techniques during the workshop run for guitarists. In the final session of the program, audiences are sure to be joyed when they are presented with a unique musical performance put on by the MaChildren’s Ensemble.