Nefes Music School

Nefes for Arts and Culture




06/04 – 30/11/2020

‘Nefes Music School’ established by ‘Nefes for Arts and Culture’ offers music education to children from various backgrounds in Gaziantep. The school directed by musician Ibrahim Muslimani has a teaching staff consisting of academics and professional musicians. ‘Nefes Music School’ aims to offer a unique method in music education based on scientific data, experience, and research. The school is aiming to become a cultural and educational platform that provides a space for students to gain skills, work with professional musicians, and experience a unique combination of traditional music teaching approaches. In order to develop intercultural exchange and create artistic scenes, the school provides a safe space for students and encourages them to share their experiences through various activities.

During the pandemic of 2020, the school activities continue with capacity-building workshops for ‘Nefes Music School’ students and teachers via face-to-face and online workshops under safety conditions. The workshops are conducted with invited artists from Turkey and around the world and turned into a life-long learning experience for ‘Nefes Music School’ teachers and students.