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Shortly Europe

Hilmi Etikan

Film Screenings


21/09 – 23/09/2018

Moviegoers in Izmir are heading out on a journey through the world of short films. The three-day screening event ‘Shortly Europe,’ run in cooperation with MaviBahçe, features a number of enigmatic, compelling, and dramatic tales.
Audiences can witness what a woman goes through after her husband’s death with German director Silke C. Engler’s ‘Cherry Cake,’ or travel to a streetsweeper’s changing world with Matthias Koβmehl’s ‘Sweeper’s Pride.’ Award-winning films from a range of talented directors, including Loic Nicoloff’s ‘A Mere Formality’ and Charlotte Rolfes’ ‘Samira,’ are on tap to pull viewers into an intoxicating world of stories. These incredible short-film screenings are open to the public at MaviBahçe free of charge.