Gaziantep, İstanbul, İzmir

14/12 – 21/12/2019

In December, as one of three Spaces of Culture showcase events, Merkezkaç’s interdisciplinary Encounters exhibition travels from Diyarbakır and Mardin to Izmir and Istanbul, while Amîdart and 6X6X6’s collaborative concert moves from Diyarbakır and Izmir to perform in Gaziantep.

In the ‘Merkezkaç Selection’ workshops, eight mentors from Diyarbakır, Mardin and Batman and 16 young artists from a range of disciplines and generations focus on interdisciplinary research and produced works across different media on a variety of topics, most of which reflect issues involving daily life and identity in the region. By strengthening solidarity between generations through the transfer of experience, the culminating exhibition Encounters brings a fresh dynamic to contemporary art and compliments the strengthening art community in Izmir, whose practice also draws from interdisciplinary media and creative methods. Two mentors, two emerging artists and three members of the Merkezkaç team present the exhibition in Izmir and Istanbul.