Summer Clouds

Gate of Sun



15/04 – 30/11/2019

Professional artists from both Syrian and Turkish societies meet movie lovers in Gaziantep within the frame of ‘Summer Clouds,’ which is a long experimental film production project. The project, which is realized at the Gate of Sun, founded by Amr Ajlouni with the support of Spaces of Culture, aims to find new cinematic voices by searching for a new idea in art life from each participant. Meeting on a weekly basis for the training and open discussions about cinema, documentaries and narrative films, the participants discuss all film making stages starting from writing to video editing. Then they are asked to produce a short movie that expresses the art life in the city from their perspective. After the production of each movie, they are combined in one long film that is screened in the Gate of Sun, where the audiences can join the event and be introduced to this type of cinema.