The City Who Lost Its Memory: Antep

Mustafa Çirkin

Visual Arts

Exhibition, Research


28/05 – 30/11/2020

‘The City who Lost its Memory: Antep’ reminds us of the architectural, historical, and social history of Gaziantep. It reveals old and recent photographs and stories of historical places to the residents of Gaziantep to evoke the memory of the past. The project highlights the multicultural social structure of the city and is realized by a multicultural team.

23 photographs of the city´s historical sites, two panoramic visuals, and several captured stories of Gaziantep are created by local and migrant photographers and a local historian. The outcome is published in the form of a book. Audiences can reach the website via QR codes placed in specific locations in the city. During the project, online talks and seminars are organized to discuss history, architecture, social transformation, and arts.