The Displaced Documentary Video Workshop

Batman Culture & Art Association

Visual Arts


Batman, Diyarbakır

05/06 – 30/11/2020

‘Batman Culture and Art Association (B-Art)’ organizes a workshop for documentary video development and production with the theme ‘Displaced’. The project connects young people living in Batman and neighboring cities who are interested in the field of cinema, training, and workshops providing insight into all processes and stages of documentary production. The training, conducted by academics and filmmakers, such as Can Candan, Berke Baş, and Necati Sönmez, is designed to provide an opportunity for young adults interested in cinema to develop their skills. Besides, the project aims to record and give more visibility to the difficulties, problems, and vital needs of ‘displaced’ groups. Films are produced after the online workshop sessions, which last until November 2020, and are exhibited online due to Covid-19. Future screenings in venues and rights-based festivals are planned after the end of the pandemic.