There is Hope in Music

Colorful Hopes Association




14/05 – 13/06/2018

The Children of Hope Choir concert series in Sur, Diyarbakır, with the help of the Colorful Hopes Association, is intoning new melodies into the fabric of the city and inspiring a fresh atmosphere of multiculturalism and friendship amongst its denizens. Music is one of the great social equalizers and rehabilitators, and children coming to this concert series have the chance to express themselves in song while enjoying a respite from the often difficult circumstances of their background. The concerts, which involve Amed City Theater and the Children First Association are performed in Armenian, Kurdish, and Turkish and feature the distinct percussive sounds of the erbane, a traditional frame drum that has a long history in the region. Reaching more than 200 people, these inclusive events go a long way toward improving the sociocultural environment and strengthening children’s connection with the arts.