Young Artists in the Workshop

Merkezkaç Art Collective

Visual Arts



19/09 – 10/10/2018

With workshops starting in September and continuing into October, young artists are forging an aura of proliferation in contemporary arts in the culturally rich city of Diyarbakır. The target of the Merkezkaç Arts Workshops, held in cooperation with the Merkezkaç Art Collective, is to render into reality young artists’ potential by supporting their creative processes. Throughout the project, four productivity-based workshops are on offer that branch out to different contemporary art disciplines. The first of these workshops sees the artists working alongside Orhan Cem Çetin in the realm of photography. Here, participants have the chance to explain their work through a photographic medium. In the Performance Art Workshop, young artists come together with the founder of Istanbul Performance Art, Pınar Derin Gencer. Aptly named ‘Performative Bodies,’ the workshop has participants concentrate on ‘the memory of the body’ by building a visceral performance using physicality as an artistic means to an end. October’s first workshop, entitled ‘Oturmaya mı Geldik?’ finds artist Erdal Duman, a prominent member of the Ankara Yaygara Collective, sharing theoretical and practical information with young artists by grounding his ideas on the relationship between installation and sculpture in contemporary art. Shifting the focus from the introspective to the environmental, participant artists engage in projects involving nature and ecology with the founders of Videoist, Hülya Özdemir and Ferhat Satıcı, in their deeply meaningful and eye-opening Video Art Workshop entitled ‘On the Edge of Aliveness.’