2 Sides Short Film Festival


Film Festival


23/11 – 29/11/2019

Izmir art and culture lovers enjoy the last days of autumn with international short films from 2019, a workshop and talks on alternative topics. Assembled by Digital Film Workshop (DFA) in collaboration with the special guest of 2019, Balkan Can Kino from Greece, ‘2 Sides Short Film Festival’ presents a vibrant collection of independent short films which focus on diversity in cinema and audio-visual arts. The festival theme is ‘Our Differences, Diversity and Sensitivity’ and exhibits an array of films, including debuts, female-directed, university and queer cinema, in various languages, of all genres. The festival consists of four parts: SCREEN, ARMCHAIR, REMIX and PLUS. SCREEN involves movie screenings throughout the day; ARMCHAIR includes talks entitled ‘From Alice Guy Blaché to Present: Working Women in Cinema’, ‘Queer Cinema’ and ‘Creative Methods in Cinema’; REMIX is a day-long video remix workshop; PLUS, the closing event of the festival, includes an interview with Thanasis Neofotistos, the director of “Patision Avenue”. 2SSFF will run concurrently in Die Katze Das Kaffeehaus as well as at transformed cultural venues throughout the week.