A Cinematic Experience: New Directions and Old Traditions

Başka Sinema




05/10 – 10/10/2018

The Ayvalık International Film Festival, whose program offers up powerful content that causes audiences to ask questions and confront deeply human issues, boasts a compilation of more than forty films from Turkish and world cinema for movie lovers of all ages and backgrounds. The festival, in cooperation with the independent distribution network Başka Sinema, was established in order to meet the rising expectations of what artistic cinema in theatres can and should be, providing audiences an alternative experience with movie screenings at various locations throughout the city and featuring numerous panel discussions. The films in the festival have not been grouped in any traditional or categorical way; instead, they have been brought together according to the qualities they evoke in the minds of audiences and supported through thoughtful, demanding discussions. Reviving an old tradition, open air movie screenings have been arranged as part of the festival to invite neighborhood residents to come together and enjoy the cinematic experience as a community. Furthermore, the high number of university students actively helping to run the festival in collaboration with organizers lends the whole event a fresh and youthful air. A cinematic journey of new directions and old traditions, the festival begins from October 5.