3rd Diyarbakır Comparative Literature Days

Lîs Publishing


Festival, Talk


25/09 – 31/10/2020

The 3rd edition of ‘Diyarbakır Comparative Literature Days‘—the first two of which were held with the partnership of ‘Lîs Publishing’ and ‘Diyarbakır Arts Center’ in 2013 and 2018—took place from September to October 2020. ‘Wêjegeh Amed|Diyarbakır Literature House’, founded in February 2020 by ‘Lîs Publishing’, is also among the organizing partners of this year’s edition. ‘Literature Days‘ represents a multilingual and polyvocal approach to literature this year as it has in the years before. The online program takes place via the YouTube channel of ‘Wejegeh Amed’ and is composed of a series of talks, discussions, and panels which not only reflect upon the past but also wonder about the future at a time when predicting the near future is more difficult than ever due to the pandemic.

The launch event ‘Literature and the Fragile Future‘ approaches mutual concerns with the empowering effect of literature making it possible for the audience to think and feel together. The comparative analyses of literary masters, less represented languages, and literary critiques on gender shape the essential part of the content. Additionally, the program has been enriched by the format ‘Creative Writing and Poetry Film Production Workshops‘ and ends with the closing speech of Bave Nazê, who has given great input to Kurdish literature.