Diyarbakır Overture


Exhibition, Training


25/04 – 30/12/2019

Exploring the concept of commonality, young artists connect with the collective memories of Diyarbakır by tracing the recent history of the city. Within the framework of A4 Open Art Space’s project ‘Urban Memory and Art Production’, the exhibition ‘Diyarbakır Overture’ introduces this diverse group of artists to specialists in their field. Curator Misal Adnan Yıldız from Berlin leads the participants in an open-form workshop during which they work in any medium of their choice. The project begins by looking at the relationships we have with our environment and seeks to answer: ‘Who are the members of our community? What do we have in common? What spaces do we share?’. Dedicated to triggering critical thinking and seeking a fresh discourse, Dicle Beştaş, the architect and co-curator of the project, alongside Yıldız, guides the process and group dynamic. The participants examine the notion of space from perspectives including public spaces, shared living areas, their authorized use and architectural intervention. They then experiment with different methods and production possibilities from the discussion stage to the concluding exhibition. The works produced as a result of the project are planned to be collected in a book.