Art Harvest in Our Village

Mordem Art and Ecological Life Association

Theatre, Visual Arts



01/06 – 27/11/2020

‘Art Harvest in Our Village’, organized by ‘Mordem Art and Ecological Life Association’, is embracing children in their diversity. The project organizes theatre performances in five locations along with a continuous workshop for children who are not familiar with art in the provinces and rural areas. In June, the project started with an online workshop with children, and turned into face-to-face education with appropriate safety measures in July.

In October, children staged their plays during the project. Parallelly to the events in the villages, the premiere of the new children’s musical titled ‘Curcunalar Circus’ is staged at ‘Mordem Art and Ecological Life Association’. The musical, which is also shown in schools, invites community children to share the transformative and dream-like atmosphere of the theatre. The continuous workshop of the project aims to encourage children to be more active individuals by taking advantage of the rehabilitative power of art by demonstrating other possible ways of communication.