Elizabeth: Almost by Chance a Woman

Amed City Theatre

Theatre, Visual Arts



08/06 – 30/11/2020

Nobel prize-winning author Dario Fo’s play ‘Elizabeth: Almost by Chance a Woman’ is staged in Kurdish by ‘Amed City Theatre’ under the title of ‘Hema Hema Jin: Elizabeth’, starting November 6th. ‘Amed City Theatre’ presents the play to its audience as a women’s project. The creative team of the play – the director, the dramatist, assistants, and designers – are all women. In addition, five amateur female theatre actors joining the company, gain experience in theatre practice as an actor, stage manager, make-up assistant, and lighting artist during the staging of the play.

‘Hema Hema Jin: Elizabeth’, translated into Kurdish by Dilawer Zeraq, tells the story of a woman full of emotions such as conscientiousness, courage, and love struggles with tragi-comical situations due to emotions driven by masculine oppression such as hunger for power, ambition, and betrayal. The play is directed by Berfin Emektar. The actors are Avsin Adigüzel, Rezan Kaya, Yavuz Akkuzu Özcan Ateş,  Sena Özbey, and Özkan Şeker.