Sahmeran Online

Tobav Izmir




14/09 – 06/12/2020

Çisil Bozcaada and Yigit Olataş from ‘Izmir State Opera Ballet’, along with established actors from the opera and theater community, share the leading roles of ‘Sahmeran Online’ which is choreographed by Melodi Sıcakyüz Olataş. The reflections on the common belief of Sahmeran in Anatolia represented in the play are shared by making the performance available on online platforms and by sharing it with schools with no or little access to theatre in various cities of Turkey such as Izmir, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Bitlis, Gaziantep, and Van.

The songs in the play are composed by the conductor Kemal Alpan and performed by students from the Izmir State Conservatory, Opera, and Singing Department. The playwright Emel Bala plays the role of the narrator, state theatre artist, actor, and director Murat Çidamli the role of the messenger to showcase their professionalism both behind and on the scenes. With the contributions of Erbani master Sami Hosseini and technical director Ulaş Alan, ‘Tobav Izmir’ is giving a contemporary rendition of this fairy tale, which has survived through centuries to the present day, embellished with motifs of many civilizations.