Atölye 238

Atölye 238, Mahzen Photos




15/04 – 25/11/2019

From amateurs to professionals, photography enthusiasts of all levels engage in extensive photography events at the newly opened Atölye 238. Created by the founders of Mahzen Photos, photographers Sinan Kılıç and Serkan Çolak, Atölye 238 brings photography lovers together with İzmir’s distinctive and dynamic arts and culture scene.

In addition to offering a qualified perspective for those interested in examining, discussing and creating expressive photographs, the workshops also provide a platform for the participants to share their personal experiences. They take part in every part of the process from researching theoretical content to preparing and holding an exhibition to producing a photography book. Orhan Cem Çetin conducts the portfolio evaluation processes, and together with Özcan Yurdalan, the pair carry out the development of the photography project. Conclusively, the participants attend Sevim Sancaktar’s photography book creation workshop and take part in the book’s launch events.