Creative Summer Camp

Goethe-Institut Izmir




18/06 – 16/07/2018

This summer, children in Izmir are exploring exciting, educational programs in a variety of artistic genre. As part of the ‘Creative Summer Camp’ program, and in cooperation with Goethe-Institut, children aged 7-12 can check out a puppet workshop complete with psychodramatists as well as a session on photography with experienced instructors at Mimar Sinan Elementary School. The camp includes activities like workshops made especially with mothers and their young ones in mind. In these sessions, children have the chance to express their imaginations and dreamscapes via drawing, puppetry, and photography. The groundwork for both the puppet and the photography workshop starts with some basic psychodrama training. Naturally, the children, together with their mothers, play an active role in the puppet workshop from beginning to end. The photography workshop has an appeal of its own; those joining this session get to learn about the nature of photography and its origins. In the end, the children have chance to capture the diverse sights of Izmir from their own perspectives and to exhibit their creations.