Creativity of Children II

Photography, Theatre

Exhibition, Training


07/10 – 09/12/2017

International Puppet Days presented a puppet and photography workshop which took place at Mimar Sinan Primary School in Izmir. The workshops, hosted by the Goethe-Institut Izmir, focused on photography with the intent of training students between the ages of 7 and 12 with the guidance of professional dramatists. This workshop aimed to direct children’s imagination to the real world and contribute to the development of their personality with the help of painting, puppet-making and photographic materials. Additionally, the exhibition carried out after the trainings was meant to showcase the productivity and talents of the children.

Children had the opportunity to focus on photography after the activities involving puppet plays and painting. This aimed to improve their ability to use motor skills. First, the professional trainers presented the theoretical and historical background of photography to the children and generated discussions around the topic. They then received manual cameras that were bought for each child specifically for this workshop. They wrapped up their shooting activity with an exhibition of their photographic works.