Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam’1”

Nesin Station x Gobo Collective

Short Film Competition


03/09 – 06/09/2021

The “Çek-Yat Overnight Short Film Competition” brings together independent artists from different regions of Turkey, who are involved in cinematic productions or developing ideas in this field, for a 48-hours short-filmmaking marathon. The project aims at overthrowing the conventional boundaries and structure of filmmaking, and offers an alternative filmmaking experience within an interdisciplinary and collective structure. Within the scope of the project, a theme specified at the beginning of the 48-hours process is announced to the participants and they are each asked to form their group and hand in a short film within the two-day process.

The “Çek-Yat Overnight Short Film Competition” aims at establishing a short film network across Turkey by bringing together amateurs and professionals in short film production during this marathon which embraces a model of collective production. With the video documentation in short documentary format which visualizes the 48-hours process of the project and with the films produced by the participants, the project aims to reach a wider audience by screening the results in various cities of Turkey and making the process accessible through online broadcasts. The “Çek-Yat Overnight Short Film Competition ” is realized with the coordination of Gobo Collective and the collaboration of Nesin Station: Nesin Villages Association.