Cinema is a Festival

Kırkayak Kültür




19/11 – 24/11/2019

Outstanding national and international independent movies of the past year come to Gaziantep. With its rich collection of Turkish, European and Middle Eastern feature-length films, shorts and documentaries, the 8th International Zeugma Film Festival takes the city on a cinematic adventure. In cooperation with Kırkayak Kültür, the festival’s theme is ‘Cinema Is a Festival’, and supports the feeling of togetherness through art and culture. The festival seeks to contribute to and reflect the increasingly diverse demographic and culture of Gaziantep. It serves the city’s new citizens by offering the films in three languages: Turkish, English and Arabic. In this context, it is possible for people with limited access to expression and cultural spaces to make their voices heard and to be included in the cultural atmosphere of the city. The 8th International Zeugma Film Festival also takes on an important role in increasing interest in independent film, creating lasting audiences and enhancing the diverse cultural life of the city.