City’s Voice As An Example of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Amidart Culture and Art Initiative

Exhibition, Online, Research, Talk


13/05 – 28/11/2021

‘City’s Voice’ is expanding awareness for cultural sounds by exploring the relationship of daily habits with the urban texture through an acoustic perspective. Prioritizing the conservation of the city’s sound symbols within the dynamism of urban sounds, the project focuses on the sustainability of cultural memory and cultural identity, and records the symbolic sounds of today’s Diyarbakır with the technical equipment that will provide an acoustic experience approximating reality.

The recorded sounds are classified according to their type and opened to access in a digital library which functions as an interactive platform where all sounds can be shared. In this way, the project also turns into a collective work.

Works produced by artists from different disciplines are open to access in a digital exhibition. During the project, Nevin Soyukaya, Nurçin İleri, Sertaç Kaki, Ali Doğan Gönültaş, Pınar Çevikayak, and Udi Yervant come together in online conversation series within the framework of topics such as Memory – Common Memory, Urban Memory-Life, Sound – Urban Sounds.

‘City’s Voice’ is realized with the collaboration of and productive contribution by Diyarbakır’s Memory, the Diyarbakır Cultural and Natural Properties Conservation Association, the Diyarbakır City Theatre, Erhan Erdener, Serhat Şahin, Nevin Soyukaya, Dr. Nurçin İleri, Prof. Dr. Sertaç Kaki (ITU), Dr. Lecturer Pınar Çevikayak, Kemal Varol, Serhat Kural, Udi Yervant, Ali Doğan Gönültaş, Fırat Şahin, Barış Seyitvan.