Collective Works

A4 Open Art Space

Visual Arts

Exhibition, Training


01/06 – 30/11/2020

‘Collective Works’, encouraging to produce collaborative works, is a project that consists of an online seminar-workshop program open to all and a follow-up exhibition. Open and closed workshops, which develop the artists’ creative practices and the conceptual framework of the exhibition, are being held with four women and one woman artist collective from Diyarbakır and its surroundings between June and October 2020. The closed workshop events aim to create a sustainable environment for women artists who are not acquainted but are weaving the same social memory and are also seeking a place within this structure.

The open seminar program includes Esra Aysun, Emre Demirtaş, Hakan Kurşun, Ferhat Seller, and Didem Yazıcı. Dicle Beştaş, who also undertakes the coordination of the project, curates different art genres including video, installation, and performance, and combines them in a group exhibition that unfolds concepts like places of identity, nonplaces, deterritorialization in relation to isolation and normalization. Pelda Aytaş, Delal Eken, Nejbir Erkol, Gülistan Kenanoğlu, ‘Metal Kolektif’-Hakan Kurşun meets with the audience at ‘A4 Atöyle’ in November.