Same in the Mirror

Yaren Cooperative




03/05 – 28/11/2021

“Same in the Mirror” organizes hybrid educational theatre workshops for 48 local and refugee children living in Izmir. A fairy tale theatre performance is developed with the children within the scope of the project, focussing on the constructive side of the concept of ‘sameness’ rather than on differences. The project is realized in two separate stages. Apart from producing the theatre play, online workshops are held for the children, focussing on various contents such as gender equality, visual arts and folk dances. During the workshops and joint development of the play, the notion of being a refugee can be explored with the language of a tale, thus making use of art’s uniting power for the development of intercultural communication among the participating children. The basic aim of the project is creating awareness on the equality of each component of the society within the framework of humanitarian values independent from different cultural, ethnic and socio-economic classifications.

Due to the pandemic, the face-to-face trainings in the project ‘Same in the Mirror’ are held under health safety conditions, while online workshops form an additional component of the project. The preparation and staging of the theatre play are realized with the collaboration of Özgür Tiyatro from Izmir.