Developing Online Education with Art

Izmir Education Cooperative

Visual Arts



05/09 – 10/12/2020

Preschool and primary school students are among the groups most affected by the pandemic. To be able to keep students active and engaged in front of screens during remote lessons, artists and teachers develop creative teaching materials for online education together. This activity has been designed as an interactive workshop where teachers and artists can develop new techniques.

The project uses artistic methods to support children to focus better on lessons and to reach the learning targets more efficiently. To this purpose, the lessons’ content is presented in an entertaining and artistic form. At the same time, the project opens up a new field of activities for artists struggling during the pandemic by developing their online presentation skills. In addition to producing creative training workshops for artists, teachers, and students, ‘Developing Online Education with Art’ is ensuring for artists earning a sustainable income during these workshops as partners of the ‘Izmir Education Cooperative’.