The Stories of Kemeraltı


Literature, Visual Arts



15/06 – 15/11/2020

The historic center of İzmir, Kemeraltı, has a unique social fabric that adds soul to its numerous architectural sites that are witness to the different ages, religions, and cultures from its 2,500-year history. The project ‘The Stories of Kemeraltı’ preserves cultural heritage while transferring it to future generations, using literary and visual arts together. Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts, Izmir University of Economics-Creative Economy Research and Application Center, ‘Gözlüklü Masallar Atölyesi’ (Tales with Glasses Atelier), İzmir Historical Kemeraltı Tradesmen Association, and ‘TARKEM’ collaborate in this project under the guidance of ‘Kentimiz İzmir Association’.

Ten stories are selected from unique individuals from Kemeraltı to be written down and visualized with graphic design and illustrations. A special edition of the book is also published while stories are shared as an e-book via the website. During the project, training and workshops for story writers and illustrators are organized online, ensuring the sustainability of the project.