Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts with Children

Yaren Cooperative

Visual Arts



07/09 – 07/12/2020

The project is directed at children aged nine to thirteen years to raise awareness for culture and to share knowledge on folk dances, folk music, traditional handicrafts, traditional theatre plays, and fine arts in an entertaining way. 54 children from Izmir and Manisa, divided into four groups, participate in the online events for eight weeks. Children from disadvantaged social backgrounds have been taken into special consideration for these events. The sessions have been designed for developing children’s social skills, to encourage them to learn by asking questions, and to get accustomed to the educational technologies and methods used in the workshops.

The project invites families and children who have difficulties reaching out to cultural or artistic activities due to physical or financial challenges in comparison to other groups.

Project Partners: Bergama Social Good Association, Cevdet Inci Education Foundation, IzmirÖdemiş and Soma branches of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, Stuttering Association, The Aegean Foundation for Contemporary Education, Mahalle Biz Sports Club Association, Sasalı Association for Social Solidarity and Development, Gündoğdu Contemporary Society Volunteers Association.