Discover the Music in You!

Urla Coworking




03/10 – 14/11/2020

‘Urla Coworking’, ‘Urla Alternative Stage and Association of Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Innovation for All (hiGI)’ open space for amateur musicians between 12 and 18 years to collaborate with professional musicians during the project ‘Discover the Music in You!’. The young musicians and composers are developing their project ideas and share them with the group. They also contribute to the development of a new composition and its professional recording in a studio equipped with electric drums, piano, bass guitar, and electro guitar.

Twelve workshops progressing online despite the pandemic conditions become a virtual hub for more than 20 young musicians. Welcoming all music genres; they exchange ideas on music components and form groups to make music outside the workshop hours as well. ‘Urla Coworking’ will continue the project as ‘Creative Academie’ and launch with it new participants to foster creativity and productivity in different disciplines.