Eurasiadoc Amed

Middle East Film Academy Association

Documentary, Film



01/06 – 30/11/2020

‘EurasiaDoc’ is a documentary film writing workshop that intends to support documentary filmmakers in their creative process from a professional perspective and strengthening their artistic tendencies. It also aims to contribute to increasing international cooperation. The workshop is organized under the mentorship of French writer and documentary filmmaker Samuel Aubin in partnership with ‘Docmonde’ and ‘Ecran Libre’ from Lyon, France, ‘Middle East Film Academy Association’, ‘FilmAmed Documentary Film Festival’, and ‘Cinemed’. The main objectives of the workshop are a critical analysis of the film projects, researching funding opportunities, and creating a documentary film portfolio to be submitted at co-production meetings with producers and television broadcasters. Two one-week meetings with the participation of the directors of the selected five projects are organized one month apart, including a French-English and Turkish-Kurdish translation. Following the completion and submission of the project files and the short promotional films to the workshop coordination committee, the committee is selecting three projects to participate in the ‘EurasiaDoc’ co-production meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, in December.

The projects participating in our workshop this year and their directors are: ‘Sonrasız Göç (Migration Without After)/Nurhayat Varol’, ‘Tahta Bavul (The Wooden Suitcase)/Zülfiye Dolu’, ‘Güneş (Sun)/Nejla Demirci’, ‘Kapı Eşiği (Threshold)/ Hilal Işık, ‘Xerîb/Garip (Strange)/Filiz Temiz Gecikmiş’