Photography: Before and After

13 Square Meters Art Collective



Diyarbakır, Mardin

12/10 – 15/11/2019

What story does a photo tell? Time has stopped in the frame, emotions are fixed and places appear to be eternal. 13 Square Meters Art Collective’s ‘Photography: Before & After’, a stop motion film workshop, invites participants to explore any ‘moment’ a photo captures. Within the framework of the project, participants apply with a narrative about their families, supported by photographs or videos, and attend three workshops and several informative sessions about arts and culture. Accompanied by artists Evrim Kavçar, Berat İlk and Arda Erdikmen, the participants follow the continuity of their lives through the footage they shoot during the workshop. With its discussion about the moments documented in photographs, specific places in the city and the socio-cultural situation of the period, ‘Photography: Before & After’ offers an opportunity to recreate an alternative memory of Mardin.