13 Square Meters Art Collective & No 238



İzmir, Mardin

15/05 – 29/11/2022

Following the path of migration from Mardin to Izmir, ‘Encounter’ explores socio-cultural changes through the concept of integration and tackles the obstacles immigrants are facing in both cities. The project archives stories of immigrants and exhibits videos and photographs of those who share a common background in textile and agriculture across Turkey, but are unable to unite due to their lack of possibilities for their distance to the cooperation. Artists Amar Kılıç, Tehsin Baravi, Cebrail Özmen, and Nurullah Değer travel from Mardin to Izmir in order to do research on the challenges of integration and adaptation methods as a result of internal migration, while Gözde Yenipazarlı, Serkan Çolak, Sinan Kılıç, and Elif Şener follow the tracks with the tools of photography, video, and oral history productions of the same route in reverse.

The photographs and videos produced and discovered during the project are exhibited at Izmir Karantina between October 21-30 and at Kültür Sokak – Design Foundation Art Gallery in Mardin between November 12-28.

‘Encounter’ is a collaboration between the 13 Square Meters Art Collective from Mardin and No 238 Independent Art Initiative from Izmir.