Traditions, Migrations and a Territory

Nar Photos




01/04 – 29/12/2019

The traditions sustained by the nations for centuries, societal changes and transformations appearing as a result of migrations that have mostly become obligatory… Through the photographs of Hüsamettin Bahçe, Aylin Kızıl, Serpil Polat and Fatma Çelik, Nar Photos Photography Collective does visual research about these shifts. Focused on local values effected by Western culture and become forgotten, the project brings the subject into a discussion, putting the wedding ceremonies of a particular territory in the center. White wedding dress, wedding cake, and the opening dance of the ceremony are considered as universal forms. In his series entitled ‘Weddings,’ Hüsamettin Bahçe presents the photographs of Kurdish weddings of our time, which consist of several rituals at the same time, and focuses on the reflection of cultural changes in Turkey. In the center of Aylin Kızıl, Serpil Polat and Fatma Çelik’s photographs, there is a ‘migratory question.’ Taking pictures of a group of seasonal workers in May, Aylin Kızıl, in the second phase of her work, documents how women workers, who are among the most fragile groups of immigrants, deal with this migration and workload. Serpil Polat centers upon abandoned houses and isolated parents in Dersim, the number of which have increased as a result of economic and political reasons. With her series ‘Dersim Family Portraits’, Polat traces the loneliness of family members who stayed there after the migrations. Fatma Çelik, as part of her project ‘Back to Nature,’ through economic, cultural and social transformations, expands on the story of Kurds, Keldanis, and Assyrian, who went back to their villages years after the forced migration.