Interchange & Exchange

Lütfü İrdem, Geniş Açı Project Office, No 238


Online, Talk

Diyarbakır, İzmir, Mardin, Şanlıurfa

05/05 – 20/11/2021

In the project “Interchange & Exchange”, photographers produce on behalf of and for each other in each other’s cities without traveling. It looks for possibilities of artistic and intellectual change in the pandemic period when sharing experiences and movement physically is restricted. After an introduction session with 20 participants selected in an open call, 12 artists from Izmir, Diyarbakır, Mardin and Şanlıurfa are matched with each other to produce a project together.

Participants join talks on economics, international relations, culture and arts, as well as seminars planned based on the needs of participants and a one-to-one editing/mentoring program to develop their artistic practice. Works produced and texts written within the “Interchange & Exchange” are presented on the project’s website. The online presentation of the works is accompanied by posts about artists, books and movies that have inspired the artists and their projects. A selection of the works is published in a book.

”Interchange & Exchange” project is realized with the partnership of Lütfü İrdem from Diyarbakır, the Geniş Açı Project Office from Istanbul and No 238 from Izmir; with the participation of Meltem Şendağ, Aslı Iğsız, Eda Yiğit, Elif Kahraman and İpek Çınar as speakers and writers, with the productions of the artist teams Aslıhan Güçlü & Mehmet Ali Kılıç, Fatma Çelik & Merve Güçlütürk, Nilay Uluğ & Şevda Tuğrul, Aylin Kızıl & Eyhan Çelik, Ayşegül Kaycı & İmran Atasal ve Aynur Tıkıroğlu & Hicret Ayaz İpek; and with the contribution of Saliha Yavuz, Cemre Yeşil and Sinem Dişli who deliver seminars to the participants.