Endless Spring 

Metal Collective

Exhibition, Training


30/04 – 17/10/2021

‘Endless Spring’ brings together participants without previous formal art education in different workshops such as the history of thought and aesthetic theory, oil painting, metal sculpture, polyester casting, and contemporary and conceptual art experimentations. In parallel with this workshop series where theory and practical production come together,  27 ceramics workshops are held with 12 female participants who exercise practices of artistic expression accompanied by instructors.

The resulting works that are produced inspired by Musa Anter’s ideas and views are opened to the public in an exhibition in commemoration of Musa Anter’s 100th birthday. The trainers in the project are  Pınar Derin Gençer, Muazzez Bengisu Kurtuluş, Bilge Kutlu, Adil Yaşar, Elvan Gökmen and Halit Erhan Oğuz come together with the participants. Metal Kolektif organizes its workshops at its own venue and at Mordem Art Center and its final exhibition at the exhibition hall of Amed City Theatre.