Female Friends

Muna Aboud



01/05 – 30/11/2021

‘’Female Friends’’ organizes an exhibition that highlights the issue of the enforced disappearance of women in Syria, intending to preserve the Syrian collective memory and shed light on the suffering of women in prisons. The exhibition includes ten stories about ten women whose fate is unknown until now. Each story accompanies a portrait drawn by a Syrian artist in order to depict her friends. The stories were told in three languages ​​in Arabic, Turkish, and English to reach an audience from different cultural backgrounds to raise awareness.

The exhibition, consisting of 12 paintings drawn by 6 Syrian artists, as well as projectors for the stories of the disappeared women told by their friends, was held at Baghdad Café in Gaziantep for seven days from 12-18 October. The exhibition also included a few personal belongings such as an olive seed collar, beads, and an undershirt bearing the signatures of the disappeared, which Muna Aboud, a former detainee, managed to get out of prison and kept for many years for display.