Food Commons: Future

Bat Art Lab

Exhibition, Forum, Talk


17/09 – 26/09/2021

In its first series,“Food Commons:Future” is connecting thoughts and practices that focus on the social and environmental impacts created by food and access to food. The project focuses on investigating the flaws and future perspectives of the dominant anthropocentric food system through inspiring readings, online and in-person conversations, interactive workshops, and art exhibitions.

Within the scope of the project, a contemporary art exhibition entitled “Eating the Future” curated by Seçkin Aydın hosts a selection of artworks that follow the environmental and social footsteps of the food industry. Held in three different locations in Diyarbakır and hosting 17 artists, the exhibition includes works that are both making contemporary observations on food and are bringing forward proposals for the future.

The first talk of the artist talk series is given by performance artist Bengisu Muazzez Kurtuluş from Mersin and is moderated by writer and curator M. Wenda Koyuncu from Mardin, while the second session includes a talk given by artist Mehmet Ali Boran and moderated by writer and academic Şefik Özcan from Mardin. The talk given by artist Hamza Kırbaş from Izmir/Istanbul is moderated by academic and curator Seçkin Aydın, and the final artist talk includes Rirkrit Tirvanija’s online conversation moderated by art historian, academic and food activist Pelin Tan.

In the symposium – another component of the project including many artists, activists, architects, anthropologists, and academics as speakers from the USA, Palestine, Italy, and Turkey – people and groups involved in alternative food and agricultural practices in the national and international arena come together on digital platforms.