Ali Kazma, Resistance Series / Safe, HD video, colour, sound, 3 min 18 sec, 2015

© Ali Kazma © Galeri Nev İstanbul

Forgive me, I can speak no louder




15/09 – 30/09/2018

While humanity’s survival instincts manifest themselves in a desire to change the world or even own it altogether, it faces the risk of losing itself and everything it interacts with on a very short timescale. Whether political, economic, or social in nature, the incidents that do great damage to humanity and reduce its numbers are at our doorstep, waiting for us to make a move. Can it be said, then, that we are aware of what is necessary to in order to survive such circumstances? The contemplative exhibition ‘Forgive me, I can speak no louder,’ draws attention to man-made climate change and society’s oftentimes indifferent attitude towards that problem. In cooperation with the artist platform Monitor, Ali Kazma questions whether humans ‘have enough signs now to protect what [is] necessary…to survive from the slaughter that people cause’ in the season’s newest exhibition. To highlight these issues, the artist uses a storage space resistant to multiple kinds of natural disasters to pass vegetal diversity to the next generation. By contrast, the Slovenian artistic duo Plateauresidue, in conjunction with Kazma, present their own catastrophically-themed exhibition entitled ‘Alma Mater,’ a video project which takes place in one of the few ice caves that still exists in the country, focusing on a layer of ice that is melting due to global warming. The arresting and chillingly relevant ‘Forgive me, I can speak no louder’ can be seen at the Old Austro-Turk Tobacco Depot between 15-30 September.