Home of All Homes

Nefes Foundation

Visual Arts




The project named ‘Beit Beyuut’ meaning ‘Home of Homes’ in Arabic, brings together the Syrian Children aged 8 to 10 together for drawing, rhythm and choir practices in Gaziantep. The students will receive education on basics of drawing and fundamental training in a repertoire of traditional Syrian and Turkish music. One other aim of the project is to strenghten the Children’s ties to the local culture and cultural heritage with a visit to the Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum. The project which will be concluded with a concert in Ömer Ersoy Cultural Center on September the 9th, aims at strengthening  the cultural identities and self esteem of the children through art and intends to be the first step of a long winded future projects that will bring Syrian and Turkish children together around themes of culture, arts and multi-culturalism.