Hayy Open Space

Photography, Visual Arts


01/10 – 10/12/2020

‘Mahalle@Izmir’, a collaborative project of ‘Hayy Open Space’ and ‘Geniş Açı Project Office [GAPO]’, is inviting nine artists living in different districts of Izmir to photograph their areas in order to interpret the concept of neighborhood, and visualize different spatial experiences in the city. As the cosmopolitan vibe of Izmir has undergone a crucial change due to social and physical transformations, ‘Mahalle@Izmir’ is documenting the neighborhood experience today with its different dimensions such as private-public life, urbanization, cultural heritage, and social memory. In addition to one-to-one editorial and mentorship workshops, public seminars and sessions with former participants of the project where they share their experiences are organized.

Works are produced for this project by the artists Ali Cem Doğan (Umurbey), Aliye Erkurtulgu (Dumlupınar), Aslıhan Güçlü (Çiğli), Esin İlmen & U. Oluş Beklemez (Karantina), Gözde Yenipazarlı (Bostanlı), Koray Aykanat (Gaziemir), Mert A. Çakır (Karataş) and Sinan Kılıç (Yesilyurt). Texts are written by academics and researchers, among others Neslihan Demirtas Milz, Tonguç Akis, Altug Akin & Burak Dogu and Cansu Pelin Isbilen. All artistic contributions are open to access via the project website.