Life, Death, Love and Justice





Hale Tenger, the eclectic artist whose work often incorporates complex arrays of materials and media, is set to engage audiences in Diyarbakır with an in-depth lecture on ‘Life, Death, Love and Justice.’ The event, held in cooperation with Loading, sees Tenger present a selection of her early work, alongside her more recent pieces as well, highlighting how the foundational concepts of each piece is enmeshed with these four topics. The event title shares its name with the artist’s latest open-air audio installment, which recently met audiences as a part of the exhibition ‘Silence’ during this summer’s increasingly-influential Cappadox festival. The name pays homage to Eduardo Kohn, the author of the ‘Thinking with a Forest’s Thoughts: Life, Death, Justice and Love,’ lecture series. The work, along with the paradigms it refers to, is designed to elicit a variety of emotions simultaneously from audience members. Tenger presents ‘Life, Death, Love and Justice’ at Loading on September 21.